What are faceted pearls ?
Q1 Are they really cut pearls?
Q2. Is it true that these cutting techniques have never been used before?
Q3. Types Of Faceted Pearl?
Q4. How To Handle?

Q1. Are they really cut pearls?
A1. Pearls are often referred to as the "Queen of the sea."
Their beauty is pure and very natural,
whereas diamonds "The King of Land" requires 100% human touch to reveal its everlasting brilliancy.
Bearing this in mind one can only wonder what beauty lays hidden inside the pearl. It is with this hope, that human hands by changing the pearl, can bring forth it's internal beauty.
Can it be true that beneath the outer surface lies a yet unknown secret beauty that the pearl has manage to keep secret. For the frist time this new technique allows us to discover this beauty.

Q2. Is it true that these cutting techniques have never been used before?
A2. This is a new technique. It all begins by faceting the pearl with ultra thin cuts in order to enhance is natural beauty.
Type and outer layer thickness play a key role in selecting the correct pearls. Pearls is no damage to nucleus and durability.
It was inevitable that one day somebody would attempt to facet a pearl. but it was yet a better achievement to have success in doing so. The reason being ; Never before has a pearl looked so beautiful and so unique.

Q3. Types Of Faceted Pearl?
A3. As in regular pearls there are several kinds of faceted pearl.
Akoya, South Seas and fresh water pearls are all used.
The art of faceting has recieved great praise and growing popular because of its' strong yet delicate looking stratum.
through the faceting process it allows many different colors to appear naturally thus making it popular amoung customers.

Q4. How To Handle?
A4. Being a pearl by nature one can take care of them as they would any regular pearl.
After being placed in a setting avoid polishing with a buffer.

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